Pratham Gandhi

High School Programmer


I have progressed through both level 1 and 2 Computer Science at my school, Horace Mann School, and I am currently enrolled in Advanced Placement Computer Science A. Though I have learned java mostly through school, I know multiple other languages/frameworks, which are mostly self-taught, including python, HTML, css, javascript, C++, react.js, node.js, and ionic. In addition, I have developed Android apps in the past. I have taken math courses up till the Algebra II level in school, and am learning basic statistics and linear algebra outside. I am on the F.I.R.S.T. Tech Challenge robotics team at my school, and have experience building and programming large robots. My other hardware skills includes various projects involving Arduinos and Raspberry Pis (for more info, see the projects section.


I have worked on various projects, both hardware and software, and it was impossible to fit them all onto this page. To view my past projects, click here, and to go to my GitHub page to see some of the code for my past work, click here.


  • Email:
  • Phone: +1(347)255-0228
  • GitHub: prathgan
  • Adress: 10 East End Avenue, Apt 9M, New York, NY, 10075